Nokian Sõiduauto/maasturi naastrehv 255/35R19 96H XL Hakkapeliitta 8

Nokian Sõiduauto/maasturi naastrehv 255/35R19 96H XL Hakkapeliitta 8
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Tootja: Nokian
Toote ID: 581978
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  • The Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 studded tire is a premium product for the Northern winter, with many different innovations that can be felt and seen every day by winter drivers. The tire ushers in a new era that combines extreme winter safety and low road wear.
  • The groundbreaking stud distribution and the new Eco Stud 8 concept create fantastic winter properties: supreme grip during braking and acceleration, better wear resistance, and driving comfort.The Eco Stud 8 concept includes a new-generation anchor stud, a flange design that reduces stud impact, and the Eco Stud cushion that improves the operation of the stud and further softens road contact.
  • The unique stud division proceeds evenly across the entire tread surface, which means that no stud is behind another. This ensures the best possible grip under all conditions. A directional or fixed-direction tread model that is also symmetrical is the optimal choice for winter tires, since it supports the wide spacing of tyres in order to optimize grip and reduce driving noise.
  • A significant innovation contributing to first-class winter grip, wear resistance, and noise level is the notable increase in the number of tread blocks. The larger number of tread blocks increases the number of grooves, that is, the number of gripping edges that contact the ice and snow as the tire comes into contact with the road surface.

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