Continental 195/65R15 91T ContiWinterContact TS860 Sõiduauto lamellrehv

Continental 195/65R15 91T ContiWinterContact TS860 Sõiduauto lamellrehv
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With the WinterContact TS 860, Continental is launching a new winter specialist for compact and mid-range models. On the safety front in particular the new tire brings real progress: When braking on wet wintry roads it performs five percent better than even its outstanding predecessor, the ContiWinterContact TS 850. Braking distances are four percent shorter on ice and there are improvements in snow handling, grip on snow and ride quality as well. Mileage and rolling resistance are on a par with the successful predecessor model.
Designed for use in Central and Western Europe, this premium winter tire will be available in retail outlets from fall 2016. Initially there will be 36 items in 21 sizes for 14 to 17-inch rims, with a further 20 models scheduled to join the range in 2017. On the EU Tire Label the new Continental winter tire scores a C rating for rolling resistance and a B rating for wet grip. So from next fall onward, this winter tire for compact and mid-range models will gradually replace the exceptionally successful ContiWinterContact TS 850. Over the past four years, the ContiWinterContact TS 850 has proved best-in-test in no fewer than 47 comparative tests run by the European trade press, automobile clubs and consumer organizations, making it the most successful Continental winter tire to date
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