Hi-Gear (USA) HI-GEAR TIRE DOC™ 240 ml

Hi-Gear (USA) HI-GEAR TIRE DOC™ 240 ml
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Manufacturer: Hi-Gear (USA)
Hi-Gear (USA)
Partnumber: HG5308
Products ID: 433629
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HI-GEAR TIRE DOC tyre sealant is the latest solution for the protection of old tires, repairs flats caused by puncturing objects, and prevents the emergence of a new holes in tyres . It can be used both with or without an inner tube. Does not drain down when the vehicle is stationary, does not lead to inbalancing of the tires, it’s properties will remain the same in different weather conditions (also in winter). Forming a transparent '' cap '' on the hole. Contains material which is used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests. Absorbs moisture, does not cause corrosion of the dry tire. One of the '' dose '' forever improves dozens of small puncture holes, or a hole with a diameter of 5-6mm 8-10. Application: 1. Cut the bottle cap (6mm). The tire black be in position valve below. Unscrew the valve. Allow air to escape. Place poddle nozzle to tyre valve, allow the required amount of Tire Doc to flow into the tyre. Amount of Tyre Doc needed , depends on tyre size 13 '' tyres -240ml, 14 '' / 15 '' 300 / 320ml, 15 '' wide-360-420ml, trucks SUV 4x4-480ml. Turn back the valve and inflate the tire. After that, drive 2-3 km. Disbalans of tire may occur , but it disappears after the distribution of the Tyre Doc within the tire. Puncture repair: Try to find the object that caused the hole and remove it. Next, follow step 1. The holes wchich are located on the side of the tire (not in protector) is not correctable with this material.

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